GPMC/NMC and Tripartite Stakeholders

The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada and the National Maintenance Council for Canada is an alliance of International Building Trades Unions that negotiates and administers labour agreements for maintenance work at industrial plants across Canada.

The agreements make it possible for industry to employ up to 13 different construction trades under a single set of terms and conditions. The alliance, in cooperation with Contractors and Project Owners provides stable, long-term agreements for routine industrial maintenance and short-term agreements for plant shutdowns and intermittent maintenance.

The GPMC/NMC was created in 1952 and negotiated its first contract to cover maintenance work at what is now the Shell Refinery in Sarnia, Ontario. Today, the Committee administers collective agreements in eight out of the ten Canadian provinces and serves a wide range of industrial sectors.

We owe our growth and success to the leadership of our industry partners, who together form a dynamic tripartite relationship in the maintenance sector: the Project Owner/Clients, Signatory Employers and Labour Providers.

The Committee has been delivering good value to our partners for over 70 years though our collective agreements and is now excited to take this to the next stage with our Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A).

Each year, the CS2A program will culminate with a banquet where top performers will receive awards that can be displayed at the workplace, and at offices and local union halls to serve as a reminder of safe work practices, and the common goal of reducing injuries.

Additionally, the CS2A initiative creates a quantifiable benchmark that maintenance industry stakeholders can strive to achieve each year and healthy competition that will ultimately push health and safety performance standards higher.

The Signatory Employers and Labour Providers can use the CS2A earmark on their corporate resumes and bids for work as a competitive advantage to better distinguish themselves in the industry from alternative labour sources.


The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards acknowledge and reward maintenance industry stakeholders who work together to achieve exceptional safety performance in their annual work.


This initiative aims to strengthen the tripartite relationship in the industry, and continue the promotion of health and safety as a top priority in the maintenance sector.

The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards provide an avenue to showcase stakeholder’s achievements, and celebrate success with industry partners.


Clients and Project Owners

These multinational businesses have established operations and facilities here in Canada to supply goods and services to consumers across the globe. In recent years, these project owners have expanded in many industrial sectors. The projects undertaken by Clients and Project Owners create a demand for large volumes of skilled tradespeople from the Canadian Building Trades Unions.

Signatory Employers

These organizations execute work under the terms and conditions of our agreements. Operating on client worksites, they execute industrial work safely, on time and on budget while ensuring the projects are built right the first time and function without incident. The Signatory Employers seek out industrial projects that provide employment and fair working conditions for skilled tradespeople across the country.

Labour Providers

The 13 International Trade Unions and their affiliated local unions form the skilled labour force and network required to execute massive industrial projects in all regions of Canada. These are the skilled tradespeople who are on-site executing the work required by our Project Owners. Working in cooperation with the Signatory Employers, the membership base and leadership within these organizations have built the infrastructure that all Canadians are benefitting from today.