Canadian Safety Achievement Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Unionized Maintenance

The General Presidents Maintenance Committee (GPMC) and National Maintenance Council (NMC) for Canada are proud of the incredible progress the unionized maintenance industry has made in health and safety. Five new Canadian Safety Achievement Awards will showcase these achievements and celebrate safety performance with industry partners.

The Awards

General Presidents’ <strong>Safety Excellence</strong> Award
General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award
Celebrates top performing Signatory Employers who achieve the lowest total recordable incident rating (TRIR) across all of their active GPMA & NMA projects
Tripartite <strong>Zero (Recordable) Injury</strong> Turnaround Award
Tripartite Zero (Recordable) Injury Turnaround Award
Recognizes Clients, Signatory Employers and Local Unions who execute a turnaround or outage event without a recordable injury.
365<strong>Daily Maintenance</strong>Award
365Daily MaintenanceAward
Showcases Clients, Signatory Employers and Local Unions who execute long-term maintenance at industrial plants for 365 days without a recordable injury.
William <strong>Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation</strong> Award
William Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation Award
Honours a Client, Signatory Employer or Local Union who can demonstrate the positive impact of a health and safety initiative on their organization or the industry.
Budrow Tozer <strong> Most Improved</strong> Award
Budrow Tozer Most Improved Award
Acknowledges a Client, Signatory Employer or Local Union who has made noteworthy improvements to the health and safety performance of their organization.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2019.

Maintenance Industry Facts


The number of years the GPMC/NMC has been operating

28 Million

The annual average of reported craft hours under the GPMC/NMC banner


The average number of full-time jobs that our agreements employ annually

$1.1 billion

The contribution of our maintenance work to the Canadian economy


Number of Signatory employers to our agreements


The year the first ever multi-trade maintenance contract was signed at Shell, Sarnia


The number of GPMC/NMC collective agreements across the country

1 Million

Number of employed Canadians in a variety of construction trades and professions

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