Suncor’s Fall 2016 Base Plant Turnaround – 1 Million Injury Free Craft Hours

Described as the best event in Suncor’s Oil Sands history, from the perspective of health and safety.

The event, which required 1,000,000 craft hours in various plants, was completed without sustaining a recordable injury. This milestone concludes the strongest year with respect to safety excellence, despite being tasked with overcoming wildfire challenges in May.

An accomplishment of this magnitude proves that an injury-free workplace is achievable in an industrial setting and sets a benchmark for industry peers in their respective operations.

Credit for this success goes to the Labour Providers and Contractors for executing the work safely and efficiently. Suncor’s continuous improvement within health and safety is attributed to the collective contributions of people, practices, process and strategies, and builds upon a safety culture that makes these accomplishments possible.

Congratulations to all those involved in the fall 2016 Base Plant Turnaround and best of luck with the 2017 maintenance year.

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