Offficial Launch of CS2A.CA

The GPMC is pleased to welcome you to the new website for the Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A).

For too long, jobs in the construction and maintenance sectors have been plagued by the perception of being a dangerous profession.  The time has come to shake this conviction, and highlight that working in the skilled trades is both a safe and honorable profession.

Through the hard work of Clients, Employers and Labour Providers in implementing their own health and safety policies the perception today is that every incident can and will be prevented with the proper mechanisms in place.

The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee and National Maintenance Council for Canada is proud to announce our contribution to health and safety within the unionized contract maintenance sector. CS2A is an awards program developed for industry stakeholders to showcase their achievements and celebrate their success in health and safety together with industry partners. The true underlying purpose of CS2A is to further progress the notion of health and safety within the industry, strengthen the existing tripartite relationship among industry partners and to add value for all those participants executing maintenance work under the GPMC / NMC banner.

In alignment with this value added approach this initiative will recognize and reward maintenance industry stakeholders who in partnership with each other achieve exceptional safety performance in their annual execution of work.

The program boasts five prestigious awards that aim to showcase and celebrate the achievements of industry partners for their safety performance:

  1. General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award
  2. Tripartite Zero Injury Turnaround Award
  3. 365 Daily Maintenance Award
  4. William Warchows’ Safety Leadership & Innovation Award
  5. Most Improved: Perseverance Award

CS2A will culminate annually with an awards banquet hosted by the GPMC to recognize top performing participants. The awards use total recordable incident rating (TRIR) and the passage of time without a recordable incident to compare and determine the winners.  More information on the awards can be found under the awards section of the website.

WWW.CS2A.CA is the cornerstone of this this program where all information surrounding the initiative can be found. Participants can submit the necessary information for each award on the website and view recent news and stats surrounding health and safety within the industry.

If there is a need for more specific information or questions that require answers please contact Mike Malles at

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