Award 2 – Tripartite Zero Recordable Injury Turnaround Award

The Tripartite Zero Recordable Injury Turnaround Award seeks to recognize the collaborative efforts of stakeholders for executing a major turnaround or outage event without sustaining a recordable injury. 

Turnarounds and outages present a unique set of challenges for maintenance industry stakeholders. A typical event requires collaborative efforts on behalf of the Clients, Employers and Labour providers to organize mass volumes of craft personnel who can safely and skillfully execute substantial volumes of craft hours within the short turnaround window. This sudden increase in the size of the labour force and stringent timelines expose the potential for a health and safety breach.

How does it function?

Employers are to submit their reported craft hours by trade and the number of recordable incidents (if any) associated with a turnaround or outage event.

All craft hours executed under the GPMA and/or NMA agreements associated with the turnaround or outage job code are eligible to be submitted for this award. The craft hours submissions include pre and post event work.

Employers must create a separate submission for each turnaround event. A craft hour minimum will be established annually, based on Employer submissions, to determine what constitutes a major outage event.

Who is awarded?

This award will be granted to Clients, Employers and Labour Providers who in collaboration execute an event without incurring a recordable injury.

Total recordable incident rating (TRIR) will be calculated to track improvements so there is value in submitting craft hours even if  a recordable injury occurred.


The deadline to submit this information is April 30th.

 What is a
recordable incident?

A work related injury, illness or incident that has one or more of the following criteria is to be considered a recordable incident:

  • Death
  • LTI, days away from work
  • Restricted work (light duty) or transfer to another job
  • Medical treatment beyond a first aid
  • Loss of consciousness

CS2A follows the same guidelines outlined in CAPP and OSHA.

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