Award 1 – The General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award

The General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award represents the most prestigious and comprehensive award under the CS2A banner.  It seeks to recognize top performing participants who achieve the lowest total recordable incident rating for all craft hours executed under the GPMA and NMA agreements annually. 

How does it function?

Employers are to submit their total reported craft hours and any related recordable incidents for each work site where they are operating under a GPMA and/or NMA agreement. Any and all hours executed under these two agreements are eligible.

A separate submission must be created for each Client work site as this award calculates TRIR by using the Employers cumulative total of reported craft hours and recordable incidents from all work site submissions.

The comprehensive totals for each Employer will be used to determine their  craft hour tier. TRIR will be calculated for each of the four tiers.

Who is awarded?

This award will be granted to Employers and Labour Providers who in collaboration achieve the lowest total recordable incident rating for their craft hour tier. Clients will be contacted to verify the accuracy of each submission.


The deadline to submit this information is April 30th.

To maintain fairness the Employers accumulative total  of reported craft hours across all sites will be organized into four tiers, identified above, so Employers are grouped with those of similar size.

A total recordable incident rating (TRIR) will be calculated for each of the four craft hour tiers. Top performers in each tier will be awarded.

Total recordable incident rating is a common health and safety metric represented by the formula outlined above.  Click here to learn more about the application of this formula.

The major benefit gained from using this metric is that it creates a benchmark for all participants to work towards regardless of their size and level of involvement with our collective agreements. Using this formula in each craft hour tier will level the playing field for Employers of all sizes.

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