Notable improvements were made to the 2019 Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A) program. Here's what you need to know:

1.) Front-End Verification

Every nomination submitted to the CS2A.ca website is verified for accuracy by Client organizations.  As part of the 2019 improvements we have automated the verification process by building it directly into the nomination webform for each award. Participants are now responsible for passing along their nomination to the Client for verification. 

We have streamlined this process.At the bottom of each nomination page there is now a section for nominators to identify a Client representative responsible for verification. Once a participant submits a nomination, the chosen Client representative will receive an e-mail granting them access to the nomination. The Client representative can then confirm and submit the nomination or make necessary changes to the data before formally submitting.

It is crucial for Participants to discuss this with their identified Client representative ahead of time to provide notice of an impending email from CS2A.ca, to avoid confusion and ensure their nomination is submitted successfully.

2019 CS2A Awards Program & Banquet

Our 3rd Annual CS2A Awards Banquet will be taking place on June 25, 2019 at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Last year 200 Clients, Signatory Employers, GPMC/NMC Committee Representatives, Local Union and International Building Trades leadership attended the banquet to network, further their understandings on health and safety best practices and celebrate our success with our industry partners.

We are always looking to grow our program and increase participation year to year. Interested parties must first create an account by clicking here before their organization can submit a nomination


2.) Easy Application - General Presidents' Safety Excellence Award

The “GPSE” award requires participants to submit a nomination(s) for ALL worksites where they are executing maintenance work under the GPMA or NMA collective agreements. This comprehensive requirement represents a large workload barrier for entry into this award, so we’ve implemented a solution to eliminate any barriers for participation and increase the ease of use for our participants.

Now participants can simply select a checkbox, contained at the bottom of the nomination webform for the 365 Daily Maintenance Award and the Zero Injury Turnaround Award, to automatically include those nominations into the “GPSE” award for consideration. All at the click of a button!

3.) Budrow Tozer Most Improved Award - Open for Submissions

The Budrow Tozer Most Improved Award is now open to accept nominations.

Making improvements isn’t a linear process. In a written submission, tell us about the trials and tribulations your organization has experienced over the years, detail the improvements implemented and the results that were yielded from these efforts.  Apply here!

4.) Upload Supporting Documentation

A new feature has been added to the nomination webforms for awards requiring a written submission. Participants can now upload supporting documentation to their nominations for the William Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation Award as well as the Budrow Tozer Most Improved Award.

If you require any assistance or would like to discuss CS2A further please contact Mike Malles at mmalles@gpmccanada.com

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