2018 CS2A Awards Banquet

The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada was proud to host our 2nd annual CS2A Awards Banquet. Thank you to all those who participated and congratulations to those organizations who won awards. 

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What is CS2A?

CS2A is a national scale safety awards program designed to showcase the health and safety performance of industry stakeholders.

It serves as a powerful marketing tool to promote the importance of H&S and demonstrate the abilities of Clients, Signatory Employer and Labour Providers in their execution of industrial maintenance work.

The program culminates with an awards banquet where industry partners come together to celebrate their success and learn from best practice.

Who is awarded?

CS2A offers five unique award categories that address various work scenarios occurring in a contract maintenance environment. These awards are granted to Clients, Employers and Building Trades Affiliates for their collaborative efforts on worksites across the country.

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The primary performance metrics are Total Recordable Incident Rating (TRIR) and the passage of time in the absence of recordable incidents.

How to Participate? (Submit Nomination Now)

Participation is as simple as submitting key information for each award category and attending the annual awards banquet. Interested parties must first create an account by clicking here and then can submit nominations. The deadline to submit this information is April 30th, 2018.

If you require any assistance or would like to discuss CS2A further please contact Mike Malles at mmalles@gpmccanada.com.

CS2A Awards Banquet

After a successful first year of operation the GPMC delivered another first class Awards Banquet while making notable improvements.

200 Client, Signatory Employer and Building Trades Representatives from across Canada celebrated their health and safety performance under our maintenance agreements.

59 awards were bestowed on industry stakeholders that totalled 9.25 million injury free craft hours from job sites across Canada.

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2017 marked a milestone year for the General Presidents’ Maintenance as we celebrated our Inaugural Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A) Banquet.

Clients, Signatory Employers and Building Trades Representatives gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in industrial health and safety.

58 awards were bestowed on industry stakeholders that totalled 9.54 million injury free craft hours from job sites across Canada.

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